#12DaysofHCE 2023 Day 11 - Cash For Kids

21 December 2023

What’s Christmas without presents? For children around the world, it’s the time of year when their wishes come true, though this isn’t the case for all of them.

Christmas is for every child. That’s Cash for Kids’ core belief this December as they engage in Mission Christmas: making a difference by getting presents to as many underprivileged children as possible. Collectively, they raised a staggering £20.4m across the UK in 2022, supporting 489,409 children in total! With numbers like these, there’s no denying how hard the team push themselves for a good cause!

To support them in their efforts, we’re doing two things: first off is a donation of £400 to assist in the charity's overall mission this Christmas. In addition to this, we also sent over some helping hands to assist Cash for Kids with a variety of roles; receiving deliveries, sorting and packing gifts, loading collections, and more!

Trainee Estimator Daniel Heffernan and Marketing Manager Jack Cameron-Dolan were the two volunteers who took up the challenge on Wednesday. It was great for us to get stuck in on the frontlines of Cash for Kids’ endeavours, and we’d like to extend our immense gratitude for all of the incredible work they do to ensure no child goes without some festive joy this year.

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