New year, new look for Greengates Primary!

05 August 2021

Pupils at Greengates Primary Academy are in for a huge surprise when they return to school in September, thanks to our Greengates Junction site team!

With the help of local suppliers, Howard Civil Engineering have taken the playground area of EYFS pupils at Greengates Primary Academy from drab to fab in only a few short days.

In addition to retaining planters along the playground pathway and custom-built benches and play walls, nursery and reception pupils will also be able to enjoy a newly installed vegetable garden and sensory area.

Headmaster Andrew Gaunt said the playground was previously ‘blank, muddy, and uninspiring,’ with the pathway close to crumbling away completely.

‘We were on a really tight budget and the edging boards of the pathway were rotting,’ he explained. ‘It would have cost us thousands to remodel the whole thing, so what Howard Civil Engineering and local businesses such as Palmer Plants and Road Traffic Solutions have done is beyond amazing.

‘The school staff have been blown away with the results and they can’t wait for the children to enjoy the planting, the vegetable garden, and the sensory-based areas next month.’

Howard Civil Engineering previously donated some materials to form a new construction area for pupils, which Andrew says the children have used ‘relentlessly’ ever since.

‘It is possible that the nearby Greengates junction improvement works have peaked the children’s interest in construction and made this a very popular theme of play,’ commented Andrew.

Pupils will also be able to play with newly donated pipes, hi-vis jackets and safety signs in the construction play area in September thanks to Howard Civil Engineering!

Greengates’ project manager Simon Doling was thrilled with the outcome of his team’s efforts.

‘We based the design for the new play wall off a previous design we had constructed for Crossflatts Primary School last year, so this is becoming quite a regular thing!’ he joked. ‘On a more serious note, it is very fulfilling to give back to our local community and we have thoroughly enjoyed working on the new equipment and structures for Greengates Primary Academy.’

Well done, everyone, the playground looks fantastic!


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