Apprentice Spotlight: Dan Heffernan, Estimator

09 February 2021

After leaving college in 2019, Dan Heffernan was faced with a choice – go to university and continue studying full time or start a new adventure with an apprenticeship and learn on the job.

Dan made the decision to join Howard Civil Engineering a year ago as an apprentice engineer and spent six months on site before being offered the position of trainee estimator.

Dan is currently training under the tutorage of pre-construction co-ordinator Sophie Henderson (pictured below), who also started her career with Howard Civil Engineering as an apprentice and was a member of the estimating team until she was promoted last summer.

“Switching to estimating was certainly a positive change and I think it’s been highly beneficial,” said Dan. “I have a challenging, yet manageable level of responsibility and I know I have all the support I need. Everyone has been really welcoming and it has been easy to fit in with everyone.”

Looking forward, Dan is optimistic about his career with Howard Civil Engineering.

“I am hopeful that in a few years I will be a fully qualified estimator, and I can assess my options from there. I am ambitious and I want to reach my full potential. I know that Howard Civil Engineering will give me the opportunity to do so.”

Best of luck, Dan!

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