Parry Lane

Client: Balfour Beatty

Value: £1.1m
Location: Bradford
Contract Period: 18 weeks
Contract Type:


The Parry Lane Enterprise Zone is one of the biggest employment scheme Bradford has ever seen.

The 25,000 sq metre business and industrial site will comprise 10 buildings of varying sizes, ranging from 200 sq metres to 3,400 sq metres, in addition to parking for 261 cars and 35 light goods vehicles.

To facilitate entrance to the development, Howard Civil Engineering undertook construction of a new S38 section of road and major remodelling to the local infrastructure including the junctions at Parry Lane and Lower Lane, and Sticker Lane and Broad Lane. New traffic orders were introduced in the area to increase safety and ease congestion, and we also constructed new parking facilities to the existing shops on Sticker Lane.

One of the main challenges of this project was maintaining access to businesses local to the scheme along Sticker Lane and managing high volumes of traffic.

The £19m brownfield development is set to bring almost 500 jobs to the area.


  • S38 road including forming new junctions and a new parking area
  • Large diameter drainage for storage
  • S278 works to form, adjust, realign, and reconfigure multiple junctions including delivery of new footpaths and a green area for landscaping and planting
  • Construct new traffic islands, pedestrian crossing points and a new central verge
  • 12m of combined 300mm diameter sewer up to 2.25m deep
  • 400m of foul and surface water drainage
  • Surface water drainage between 150mm – 1050mm in diameter, depths up to 4.25m deep, manholes varying 1.2m diameter at 1.5m deep up to 2.1m diameter at 4.5m deep and a Hydrobrake manhole 2.1m diameter 2.25m deep
  • Foul water drainage 150mm diameter between 2m – 2.75m deep, 1.2m manholes up to 2.75m deep
  • 1050dia drainage attenuation pipes

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