Flood alleviation works; 2 years on

17 August 2018

2 years on and these flood alleviation works are almost unrecognisable. 25,000m3 of earth was shifted by Howard Civil Engineering with GPS guided dozers to form these 3 interlinking ponds in a field just south of the new Persimmon Homes residential site in York.

The flood volume replaces the volume that has been taken up from the formation of the new S278 junction located within an area that used to flood with water backed up along Germany Beck from the River Ouse.

The ponds take in water from the rising Germany Beck and stores it until water levels reside.

The area has been heavily planted so the area will continue to change over the next decade. Paths have been built to provide local residents, new and old, a beautiful place to walk or watch the birds that have already taken up their new homes amongst the reeds.

Beautiful put practical.

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